Sunday, 27 September 2009

Found it.

One thing i regret, is not buying the economist when this was it's front cover.

I love it for nerdy reasons mostly.

He looks like a superhero.

Except he's better than that.

He's real, with a real cause.

His mask represents the face of every Iranian fighting for an uncorrupt government.

And its just a simple piece of coloured cloth.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Stagnant times

I liked this video when it came out in 2002.

I still like it now.

This video I think was ahead of its time.

I think it'd fit in now.

Saying that, I think its past it's date too.

The animation is like the super nintendo system of the 90's.

So is this ahead of it's time or past it?

The same applies to a lot of things right now (for example fashion).

Are we moving forward by moving backwards?

Or are we in the age of the Tribute?

Couldn't agree more.

... Except with 5...

You can't really admit to 7 until you've dont a bit of the latter in 5.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Mr. W

I think the reveal needs to be made a bit more obvious, but it's a great idea, and its been beautifully executed.
(Except for the bit where they use Times New Roman!)


On my way to work I saw this at both Caledonian road station and Holborn station.

My favourite thing about this is it's strap line: 'The last place you want to go'.

My least favourite thing is 'most happening department store'.
(It just makes me think of Mrs. Doubtfire.)

It's got a nice cheekiness.

The other two in the campaign are fine too, except they're pretty much exactly the same.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Modern times

Shouldn't it still be this way?

Good animation, good atmospheric music, and universally understandable.

You know what made Charlie Chaplin so successful?

He spoke a universal language.

Amazing that in these times when the world is closer than ever, we don't create so things can be universally understandable.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Coke Can Improvement Idea's

So i've been thinking about these Can's recently, and i had 2 thoughts on improving them.


1. Look at that can above.

It looks cold.

See how when it's cold, it looks matte?

If they used a matte varnish on their cans, their cans would always look cold and appealing.

Matte looks cold.

Gloss is Shiny.

Shiny looks hot.

2. Now look at where the logo is positioned.

It's above the ring pull.

When you drink from the can, your hand will obstruct anyone from reading it because your going to hold it so you can drink it, not so you can show off the brand.

If they put the brands to the left and the right of the ring pull though, no matter left or right handed, the brand will always be exposed.

Great Use of Space.


Behold the lined belly of a beast.

I was watching channel 4's 'Inside Nature's Giants' and just thought that the underside of this whale was beautiful.


It's almost like a giant finger print, or a landscape if you ignored the woman on the top. (For anyone out there who lacks the imagination, i did a mock up for you.)


It's amazing the way different bodies are built, i definitely recommend watching the 4 episode's. (Unfortunately not available on 4OD though you can find them on Youtube if you search for them.)

Coke Bottles

I love coca-cola's glass bottles.

So much so i've started to collect them.

I think it comes down to their design.

The way the brand is printed onto the bottle.

Well i don't have a photo of my collection right now, so until i got one to post, check out this ad focusing on the beautiful evolution of the coke bottle.

Simple, clean, and good music.

Apparently, the innovators of coke said way back in 1915 that they wanted the coke bottle to be recognisable in the dark. Nice bit of tactile branding.

Shame plastic came along.

Zombie Boy

It's a Love/Hate relationship with tattoo's.

I'm personally in the '/'.

What annoys me about tattoo's is when they're cliché or badly done.

Both mean the person lacked the creativity, and planning to get something that's permanent to look good.

This guy though has gone all out.

The idea itself is a bit cheesy for me.

It is an amazing tattoo though.

Definitely check out the other photos and his story here.

Old London Town

I live in Holloway and my family have lived here for over 5 generations.

Sometimes while walking I imagine the Holloway my ancestors must have seen when they walked down the same roads.

And that's what these photo's make me think of.

Junction Road

Holloway Road

Today, photography has joined up with the throw away society.

Digital photography is limitless and unwanted photo's (possibly like the ones above) are easily disposed of.

The limitless possibilities take away a bit of the fun i think. Like when you play a video game, and give yourself limitless health, the game becomes boring.

I love old photo's.

They show the old as the young.

They tell a story that won't be told again.

And while our new photo's will one day be old, won't there just be so many of them, they ain't that special?

Behold the British Brown Sauce

At a BBQ, waiting for food, something caught my eye.

It was this.

It's just great that someone can get the entire Britishness of brown sauce in the negative space of the brand's letters.

It's not a big change, but it makes a difference.

It would be cool to see if they could come up with more.

Audrey Kawasaki

Undoubtedly an amazing artist from Yankee land.

It is definitely suggested that you swing by her site and check out her work at