Saturday, 19 September 2009

Coke Can Improvement Idea's

So i've been thinking about these Can's recently, and i had 2 thoughts on improving them.


1. Look at that can above.

It looks cold.

See how when it's cold, it looks matte?

If they used a matte varnish on their cans, their cans would always look cold and appealing.

Matte looks cold.

Gloss is Shiny.

Shiny looks hot.

2. Now look at where the logo is positioned.

It's above the ring pull.

When you drink from the can, your hand will obstruct anyone from reading it because your going to hold it so you can drink it, not so you can show off the brand.

If they put the brands to the left and the right of the ring pull though, no matter left or right handed, the brand will always be exposed.

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