Saturday, 19 September 2009

Old London Town

I live in Holloway and my family have lived here for over 5 generations.

Sometimes while walking I imagine the Holloway my ancestors must have seen when they walked down the same roads.

And that's what these photo's make me think of.

Junction Road

Holloway Road

Today, photography has joined up with the throw away society.

Digital photography is limitless and unwanted photo's (possibly like the ones above) are easily disposed of.

The limitless possibilities take away a bit of the fun i think. Like when you play a video game, and give yourself limitless health, the game becomes boring.

I love old photo's.

They show the old as the young.

They tell a story that won't be told again.

And while our new photo's will one day be old, won't there just be so many of them, they ain't that special?

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